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    Secure your best loan today

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    The Keys to unlock to your perfect home loan

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    Experts standing by to help you finance the America dream

DRL Capital, is a mortgage lender on a mission to have an attention to detail that is unsurpassed in the mortgage industry.

Providing a tailored mortgage solution for our clients needs is our professional responsibility.

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The typical advice for first time home buyers is to purchase a starter home --that is, the home that's one step away from their larger "forever" home. But is that always the best route to go? With just about 45 million millennials entering the real estate buying age, that's something that's...
The Exciting Possibilities of a VA Cash-Out Refi
If you’re a veteran, you have several options for refinancing --ones that work differently than a streamline refi. With a VA cash-out refi, veterans like you can take out some of the equity and use it however you want. Just like any other big financial decision, you'll want to...
In the News: Feds Target No-Money-Down Home Loan Programs
Although no specific changes have gone into effect, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is asking national groups to hold off on lending down payments to FHA home buyers. The reason? Feds say that buyers who don't supply their down payment are at higher risk of defaulting...
Here's Why Your Home Equity is Your Most Valuable Asset
A simple way to understand what home equity is is to think of it as the portion of your home that you truly own, that is, the value of your home not included in your current home loan. Home equity is what makes homeownership such a great investment. The opportunity to increase equity can be quite...